5 reasons why you need public relations

Companies with good reputations tend to perform better. No wonder you’re considering using public relations services. Professional PR is the art of presenting your business in such a way that people want to become a part of it. Looking for a consistent way to communicate and maintaining an interesting narrative. This is the key to differentiating your offering in the marketplace and building an image as an industry leader.

Positive feedback about the company, eye-catching products and a boss who brilliantly speaks at conferences and in the media are all the result of systematic and thoughtful work. Łukasz Zając, PR pro, expert of communication explains what benefits you can expect when you establish cooperation with an effective PR specialist.

  1. Support of the CEO and Boards

Understanding and recognizing the benefits of public relations starts with the board of directors and managers, and then expands to the entire organization. When trust and partnership with PR professionals is the norm in a company, cooperation at all levels is visibly improved. This makes it easier to gather information and engage employees in communication. Over time, PR professionals can become invaluable advisors on more than just communication issues. If they know the mindset and needs of their bosses, they know how to create effective speeches and what data to provide them with from the market. With their skills, knowledge of business and the media, and extensive contacts, PR experts can also make a significant contribution to organizing important company events.

One thing is indisputable: high-quality public relations services are transforming into a powerful tool that not only strengthens the brand, but also allows the company to effectively navigate through a complex communications and business landscape.

  1. Agile approach to business

PR specialists use a variety of both proven and modern working methods. Among other things, they use design thinking (design thinking) and form hybrid and interdisciplinary teams. Competent diversity offers a fresh perspective on business challenges and supports the business in building integrated customer experiences.

Active collaboration of multiple parties, responsive testing of concepts, flexibility of reporting and clarity of product presentation, and high creativity are all provided by public relations experts. If their strengths can be combined, companies can not only improve their communications, but also develop every aspect of their business, drawing on the depth of humanistic approach, openness to human relations and original solutions offered by public relations.

  1. Monitoring and research

By working with PR, you gain access to valuable data about your company and leading individuals. This includes analysis of online publications, media monitoring reports taking into account the reach, emotional tone and financial equivalent of the content presented, as well as potential sources of crises.

An experienced PR professional goes beyond simply searching the Internet – he or she closely observes where public opinion is formed, investigates gossip and interprets warning signals. He or she also has the ability to do deep thematic analysis, assessing the potential of different issues and piecing together the various aspects of an issue. This unique ability provides a broader perspective, which in turn translates into more accurate decisions and better planning for future steps.

  1. Rapid response

The involvement of public relations in a business enables a deeper and broader view of phenomena, trends and sectoral challenges. The PR team is like a cyber-guard that protects the company 24/7, providing it not only with continuous monitoring, but also with prevention – it creates anti-crisis plans, conducts training sessions for management and employees at various levels, which often simulate various crisis situations.

Thanks to public relations, prepared statements are waiting in the drawers, and the processes of cooperation between different departments are trained. Decision-makers can use proven procedures for media crises, emergencies and other extraordinary events. This allows for instant response, which is important when every second counts. At the same time, such an organized system helps avoid hasty, spontaneous and imprudent actions.

  1. Taking advantage of opportunities

Just as an investor senses good opportunities, a PR specialist senses subtle changes in the business, media and socio-political environment. Thus, he can promote the company, adjusting the means of communication to the circumstances and advising on which initiatives are worth engaging in, taking into account different interest groups. Such a PR professional responds without delay and according to the circumstances – he knows how to speak up, create an article or video, organize a press conference or prepare a board member for an interview.

Being able to identify and exploit even unfavorable conditions with the support of real-time marketing is evidence of PR maturity. A component of it is foresight. A good PR specialist keeps track of all important events and involves all employees in them, because they – not just the spokesperson or board members – are the company’s ambassadors.

Author: Lukasz Zajac, editor: MK.

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