Przywództwo służebne – 6 ważnych aspektów (Ken Blanchard)

Małgorzata Jakubicz podsumowała 6 ważnych obszarów przywództwa służebnego zasłyszane podczas webinaru z Ken Blanchard. Cytuję poniżej zapis z Linkedin:

Webinar ‘Servant Leadership for a next Generation Workforce’ led by  and 

1. All generations have similar needs at work, only the grading differs, e.g., we all need the employers who take care of our well-being.

2. Servant Leadership is NOT SOFT but a POWERFUL leadership model which meets all these needs.

3.  Three essential skills of a servant leader are: building trust, listen to learn, give/receive feedback (WE – NOT ME concept)

3 more hints:

! Feedback is a breakfast for champions, referring to the value of feedback in the personal growth.

! Acronym W.A.I.T. so 'Why Am I Talking’, being a reminder how important listening is, not only for coaches but all leaders.

! Your co-workers are your first & key customers, standing for the fundament of the servant leadership.


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